We know how to optically add to the size of an apartment

It might be your first apartment or you might want to stay in the small apartment for good. However if you start feeling like larger space, we have a solution. You might only need to add to the size optically. Proper choice of colors, illumination and mirrors will be enough.

Place furniture into the space

To make sure apartments for sale don’t look crowded, in the advertisements people use pictures with minimum of furniture. On the other hand colors and light look great. It makes sense. Most of the people think that when they place furniture along the walls they win. Quite opposite is the truth.

You would do much better when you place the furniture into the free space. Walls will stay untouched and you can paint it white for example. It optically adds to the space. When you add mirror on one wall, optically it makes impression of adding one more room.

Let the daylight do the magic

For real estate agents apartments for sale in Prague often mean a headache. It isn’t easy to find a good photographer for the advertising. Often the pictures talk louder. Don’t get fooled, definitely tour the place. You will see that every small apartment can be turned into optically larger one.

You have to be able to work with the light. Let the natural daylight in wherever it is possible. Try not to cover windows with any furniture or curtains. Curtains might make the place cozier but take the space away. Where it isn’t possible to get daylight choose simple illumination. Forget about chandeliers and optically large lamps.

Help of mirrors and glass

Development projects have the advantage that most of the things you can design on your own including placing of mirrors and glass surfaces. You can place mirrors into narrow spaces such as entrance halls for example.

Instead of paintings try to hang variously shaped mirrors on the walls. It will look fancy and do the trick. And if you have a small bathroom, try to use glassed – in shower. Glass doesn’t have full color therefore it leaves enough space in the room.

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