It might be your first apartment or you might want to stay in the small apartment for good. However if you start feeling like larger space, we have a solution. You might only need to add to the size optically. Proper choice of colors, illumination and mirrors will be enough. Place furniture into the space To make sure apartments for sale don’t look crowded, in the advertisements people use pictures with minimum of furniture. On the other hand colors and light look great. It makes sense. Most of the people think that when they place furniture along the walls they win. ... [celý článek]

Vydáno: 04. 11. 2018

Have you finally decided to get your own place to live and now think how to deal with this great task? You might be considering whether to purchase an older apartment and reconstruct or whether it wouldn’t be better to purchase new apartment. The biggest question of course is the price of real estate. However you should focus especially on reliability and quality. Attractive contracts of developers don’t have to be the best you can choose. Therefore you should be careful about what do you agree on and with whom. New apartment without obstructions? You would say that p... [celý článek]

Vydáno: 05. 09. 2017