Do you want to purchase a new apartment in Prague?

Have you finally decided to get your own place to live and now think how to deal with this great task? You might be considering whether to purchase an older apartment and reconstruct or whether it wouldn’t be better to purchase new apartment. The biggest question of course is the price of real estate. However you should focus especially on reliability and quality. Attractive contracts of developers don’t have to be the best you can choose. Therefore you should be careful about what do you agree on and with whom.

New apartment without obstructions?

You would say that purchase of a new apartment can’t be very difficult. You pay a lot but everything will be new, eye catching and you can move in immediately. That might be the best alternative.

However usually the reality is that within a project you sign a contract and the apartment will be built yet. At that moment worries starts because you need a guarantee that you get the apartment in the shape you wanted.

New Prague living is still growing and not only in Prague but also in vicinity you can find very interesting projects. However you have to choose well and it isn’t so simple at all. It is the same as recognizing cheater from quality constructer.

What to be careful about?

Verify everything you can. When you fall to like some of the projects, get all details regarding the company which provides it. You should know what is the reputation, which projects have they done already and in what quality.

It never hurts to go through customer recensions and contact someone who would provide you with closer information. You can even take a look at the already finished projects. New apartments in Prague might be offered by anyone, you only have to make the choice.

Before you sign…

Also offered contract will tell you a lot. You should know which guarantees developer the construction with.

Do you know when the due date is and what will happen if the company doesn’t make it or doesn’t pay on time? These are information which you should know. Then you might realize that apartments for rent aren’t bad.

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